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Decrease Costs, Improve Productivity
Reduce Benchmark Wellbeing Risks by 25%

Case Studies

We are committed to transparency and accountability in the results we produce.

We predictably decrease costs and improve productivity by reducing benchmark wellbeing risks by 25 percent.

Our 90 percent client retention says it all. Our clients value the true potential of our wellbeing strategies.

Our approach works across multiple industries, geographies and company sizes.

Benchmark Wellbeing Risk Reduction

3-Year Trends

The chart below is pulled from actual client data. The average individual in this population had two benchmark wellbeing risks in the baseline year. After 3 years with CHC, that dropped to an average of 1.5 risks (a 25% reduction).

CHC is a great partner. We can see trends within our population and know our benchmark risks continue going down, every single year. — Kathy Johnson Human Resources Director, Murphy Company

Calculate Your True Potential

What is true for your population? Request a demo and we’ll help you forecast the financial impact of going beyond wellness to true potential, including projections for medical cost reduction and productivity gains from our evidence-based, scientifically-validated wellbeing strategies.