Creating Your Wellbeing Strategy How It Works


Our process begins by learning about your organization and what you need to accomplish. We interpret the wellbeing assessment of your population to create a baseline for building smart solutions.

Wellbeing Assessment

Our assessment provides a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s wellbeing. We gain a holistic view of each individual and set a baseline for your population against the benchmark wellbeing risks through:

  • Comprehensive Biometric Screenings: Our comprehensive biometric screenings provide a detailed report to help identify individuals at risk or out of range for key health indicators.
  • Health & Lifestyle Survey: Our health & lifestyle survey examines physical, emotional, social and financial aspects of wellbeing.


Based on your wellbeing assessment, a dedicated wellbeing strategist will help you find a solution to reduce your benchmark risks by 25 percent.

3-Year Plan: You receive a comprehensive plan for reaching your true potential, including a scientific rewards platform, specific support tools and ongoing activities to shape a culture of organizational trustworthiness.

Participation Strategies: We offer insight on maximizing participation, including a library of marketing assets to promote your wellbeing initiatives.

Status Updates: We will stay engaged with your team via weekly, monthly and quarterly updates as well as an annual review of your performance.


We motivate individuals to make progress on their journey to true potential and surround them with tools for improving physical, emotional, social and financial wellbeing.

Rewards Platform: We scientifically apply rewards to promote specific habits that lead to true potential. Our proprietary algorithm ensures the proper type and timing of rewards to create lasting change.

Digital/Mobile: We offer more than 700 e-learning modules, webinars and a suite of activity and nutrition tracking tools. These are available online and via mobile.

Financial Wellbeing: We improve financial confidence by tackling topics such as budgeting, bank accounts, student loans, credit cards and retirement.

Social Support: Our proprietary walking program is one example of how we bring participants together to team up and reach their goals.

Health Coaching: Participants can get professional, personalized help with issues such as stress, sleep, nutrition, exercise, smoking and diabetes control.

Preventative Health: We help members stay current on recommended vaccinations with our onsite vaccination services.


Are you closer to reaching your true potential? Through robust reporting, we measure the success of your wellbeing strategy and ensure progress toward your goals.

Risk Reduction: Each year, you will receive detailed trending for your benchmark wellbeing risks.

Financial Impact: We will report the impact that reduced benchmark risks are having on your bottom line through decreased cost and improved productivity.

Participation: We’ll share participation and engagement metrics, as well as demographic information such as age and gender breakdowns.

Feedback: We’ll take the pulse of your population to gauge their satisfaction and gain insight on what additional support they need.