Beyond Wellness to
True Potential

Wellness programs are out. Wellbeing strategies are in.

It's time for a new approach that goes beyond wellness to help individuals excel in every facet of their lives: physically, emotionally, socially, and financially.

The Roadmap to
True Potential

Our focus is on benchmark risks for physical, emotional, social and financial wellbeing
We reduce these benchmark wellbeing risks by
The reduced risks directly impact cost and productivity.
We shape a culture of organizational trustworthiness and embed a state of personal wellbeing

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Fueling the Whole Person

We engage individuals within the four interconnected domains of wellbeing. Again, our goal is to maximize their TRUE POTENTIAL.


We tackle specific issues that are sapping your productivity and spiking your healthcare costs.


From job and life satisfaction to managing stress, we help individuals with mindfulness and emotional intelligence.


We help you shape a culture of trustworthiness. We make connections and strengthen relationships.


85% of people are stressed about finances. Our robust and unique curriculum increases financial confidence.

The Promise of True Potential

Helping Individuals to Excel In Every Facet of Their Lives
  • Individuals who are thriving, contributing, connecting and learning.
  • Lower healthcare costs. Improved productivity.
  • A culture built on trust where people do their best work.
We consistently reduce benchmark wellbeing risks by 25%

The Power of True Potential

Creating Trustworthy Organizations

We scientifically apply rewards to nurture new habits. We build a culture of trust. We provide your people with the support they need to thrive.

Individuals who don't engage in improving their wellbeing will cost twice as much as those who do.

The Roadmap to
True Potential

Wellness programs are out. Wellbeing strategies are in. To thrive today, organizations must be trustworthy while nurturing a culture where people do their best work. There’s no shortcut to true potential, but CHC has a proven roadmap to reduce benchmark wellbeing risks.

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Lower cost - Improve productivity
Move Beyond Wellness to TRUE POTENTIAL